Khloé Kardashian Says Good American's Pink Collection Was in Development Long Before the Barbiecore Craze

And before her sister Kim Kardashian's Saturday Night Live look.

Good American Models Crouching In Pink Clothes Pink Background "Pop Off Pink" Collection
Photo: Courtesy of Good American

At the helm of the Barbiecore movement are the trendsetters and tastemakers of the fashion and entertainment world — Rihanna, Megan Fox, and of course, Margot Robbie. But Khloé Kardashian knew pink was going to "pop off" long before the craze and her sister's pink-clad Saturday Night Live performance. And thanks to the reality star and mogul's intuition, Good American is dropping its "Pop Off Pink" collection just in time for everyone — and every body — to hop on the Barbie bandwagon.

"We design things, like, a year ahead of time. It just played in my favor that this hot pink trend, Barbiecore, started happening," the co-founder explains. In fact, when her sister Kim (supreme purveyor of fashion fads) got in on the trend, Khloé knew she had something good in the works — though Khloé is claiming it as her idea first.

Good American "Pop Off Pink" Collection
Courtesy of Good American

"I think it looks like I copied her, and that's also the thing with the neon [collection]," she says, referring to the Good American swim line that came out after Kim launched a SKIMS neon collection. "Hers came out before mine, so it looked like I was copying her. And she was just in my closet two months before trying to get rid of all my neons. You've got to love sisters."

Neon- and pink-fueled sister rivalries aside, the famous family is genuinely supportive of each other's business endeavors. "We all go to each other for advice, we have a group chat that's constantly being blown up. We all have such great advice from different perspectives, and I really respect that," Khloé says. "None of us are haters in a way, or envious. For me personally, I get so inspired and motivated from all my sisters' success. When I see what they're doing, I'm not envious, I'm just like, 'Oh god, I can't wait to do that with my brand.'"

This new capsule collection will feature some of Good American's best-selling items and silhouettes in a pink colorway, although some of the styles are completely brand-new designs (think rugby shirts and sweaters). And as always, the line will be available in the company's full, expansive size range. Although creating products in a larger quantity of sizes can be costly and challenging for a brand, Kardashian and her co-founder, Emma Grede, are committed to giving their customers an inclusive shopping experience.

Good American "Pop Off Pink" Collection
Courtesy of Good American

"We weren't going to not do trendy, fun things just because it would maybe be more difficult design wise," Kardashian adds. "That's the point, and that's why we took on this job."

The "Pop Off Pink" collection, on starting today, is available in XXS-5XL and 00-32 size ranges at a price point of $49 to $195.

Read on to find out Khloé's favorite pieces from the collection, the oldest item in her closet, and what to expect from season 2 of The Kardashians.

Why was it important for you to have trending pieces available in an expansive size range?

When Emma and I decided to do Good American almost six years ago now, it was something that was non-negotiable. We wanted everything to be size-inclusive. If we sold to retailers, they'd have to carry the full size range, you can't break it up. That means we want women to not just have great denim, but when we ventured into other categories, we wanted women to get the best of those, as well.

I'm one of those women. When I was bigger, I would shop at boutiques and they did not carry the full size range. I mean, they wouldn't carry over a 29 in a lot of boutiques where my sisters would shop, and I would just feel really bad. I would hate shopping. I wouldn't be able to have the same things [my sisters] would have. If they were trendy jeans, whether it be super low-rise or whatever it was, I was not able to get those in my size. So, I knew what it felt like to be that woman, and I never wanted someone to feel that from our brand.

What is your favorite piece from the collection and how do you style it?

I do love the catsuit. I think this is a no-brainer. I am super into all monochromatic stuff. They can be all different shades of pink, I think it's fun. I did this show called Hot Ones. We have hot pink metallic pants and I wore those. Then, I wore then a pink SKIMS bodysuit, because our pink collection didn't come out yet. They were different shades of pink, but I loved it. And you could just mix and match, go for it! When you're doing all one color, it's really, really fun.

Khloé Kardashian Posing Metallic Pink Pants Bodysuit Hot Ones
Courtesy of Good American

How does fashion allow you to express yourself and feel confident during public appearances?

What's so funny [is] there's so many times I want to try something new, but when you're trying something new, you're not super confident in it yet, it takes you a minute. I wouldn't want to be seen publicly like that first. I would want to take my own Insta photos, or I just want to see how my friends respond. It's just a new you, because that's the beauty about fashion and glam, you can dress these different characters, but I don't know if I'm ready for the world to analyze me yet.

It's super fun, but it's on a different level when you're going on a red carpet or something like that. So, sometimes for red carpets, I tend to play it safe when it comes to styles or silhouettes, because I'm like, "OK, I know this is home run for me, how I feel." The good thing about red carpet is the more confident you feel, the better your photos look, so in my opinion, that's not the time to try something new.

But I also think with fashion, it's mostly fun, because you can dress the role, you can be a character, you can be a version of yourself. If you don't like it, you can take it off, and you can be like, "OK, that didn't work, let's try something new." I try to do those moments when I'm in a smaller setting, knowing I'm not going to be photographed.

What is the oldest thing that you have in your closet, and what is the special meaning behind it?

Oh my gosh, I know this answer, I didn't have to think of about this. So, my dad was not big on getting us designer things when we were young. He believed that you have to be a certain age, and we have to work for it, and he wasn't that kind of guy.

But when I was 16, there was a Neiman Marcus sale, and he bought me a pair of my very first designer boots. They were black and they had safety pins all in the back. I have them displayed in my closet because I don't wear them. I don't want anything bad to happen to them now, because they were a gift from my dad but also my first designer pair of shoes. I still have them. I know exactly where they are. Sometimes they fall over, and I think that's my dad saying "Hi" to me because there's no reason why they should ever fall over. I'm a lunatic, so everything is completely positioned. They're basically in a plexiglass box, so the fact that they do fall over, it's a little sign. I'm going to keep them until the day I die.

Will True be getting in on the pink action, and how do you two plan to match?

I am definitely one of those moms that will match her as long as she'll let me. I love it. She's a pink girl. She goes hard for pink, probably way harder than I do. Her whole room is baby pink, she's a pink girl. I love it, I encourage it as long as it's going to last. So yeah, I love matching her, I'm one of those cheesy moms, I just love it.

What other fall trends are you looking forward to wearing?

I'm just so excited to get a little cool air. I'm like, "When is it going to be fall?" Right now, it's so hot here in California. I live in Calabasas, so it's like high 90s every day. So, my head is not even thinking about fall right now, but I'm so amped to wear [fall clothes]. I'm a boot girl, I love the layers. When it's fall, you get to bundle up with jackets, tights with a skirt, I'm into it all. I just don't see the fall weather in sight anywhere.

You're obviously so busy with Good American, The Kardashians, and being a mother of two kids now. How do you balance it all?

People think this is probably such B.S., but a schedule. I live and die by a schedule. If I did not dates written down and timed out, I would not know what to do every day, because I just wouldn't have a plan. And I have certain non-negotiables, like I have dinner with True and I have to wake her up. Those are things that really matter to me. Of course, every blue moon, I won't be able to do that, but putting her to bed, we have a bedtime routine, those things I'm not going to negotiate on. Those are things that really mean a lot to her and me, they're good memories. I think it's good for her to have a routine. Then, in the day, pack my days with as much as you want to do. I'll work before I wake True up, I'll work after I put her to sleep. I don't mind working later hours. I just have to have some of those times where it's just designated to her.

If you don't set those guidelines, no one's going to give it to you. Because people are going to take, take, take, until you say, "OK, hold up, I don't mind starting work at 6:00 a.m., but I need a break from 8 to 10 ... " Whatever your life is, you have to set those boundaries. You have to set those guidelines, because no one's going to say, "You know what? I think you need time with your kids."

How do you and your family support each other during tough times, especially being so public?

I mean, I have the best family. I'm sure everyone says that, I'm hope everyone does. But when times get tough, you really see who's around you. And my family, we don't ever kick someone when they're down, we support each other. We all have our waves of highs and lows. We're there for each other, and a lot of it is just knowing someone's there for you and you know, "OK, I can get through anything when you know someone isn't going to turn their back on you from a mistake or whatever."

I think that when people feel so isolated, that has to be a really lonely feeling that they don't have that support system. I'm just grateful we have that, we're always there for each other. But sometimes it's all in different ways, and you rely on different siblings or your mom differently, but you know you have someone.

The family has been in the headlines a lot lately, what can we expect during the second season of The Kardashians?

Oh my gosh, yes, there's a lot coming up this season. We're still currently shooting. This afternoon, I'm going to be shooting. We're constantly filming, we just don't always know exactly what makes [the show]. But that's what I think makes it so good and so real. Because it's not designated shoot days. We just roll, whatever we're doing, we let the crew know, and they come and film, It's just documenting our life.

Were there any scenes that were particularly hard or intense to film?

I don't know if it's hard to film, because we're so used to filming. I think they're hard to watch. I think those moments, sometimes you get more anxiety knowing that other people are going to see that. Because in the moment, we're so used to having cameras around, you don't think [about it]. It's not necessarily the filming part, it's normally the aftermath of having to either live through it again, having to hear everyone's commentaries and opinions, and then having to deal with the headlines for the next couple of days. But after that, you're normally good and it's a sense of relief, but it's also a great form therapy at the same time.

It could be as little as if I was rude to my mom, I'm like, "I was such a freaking asshole." Hearing myself, it's so weird. Even because a viewer doesn't always understand why was I being an asshole. Sometimes, I'm like, "What was I going through that day?" But yeah, having to be judged in front of everyone, it's hard, but it is honestly the best form of therapy. It makes you grow and, hopefully, be a better version of yourself.

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