Kerry Washington Says She Has a Secret to Getting the Chance to Work With Beyoncé

She's got connections.

While Beyoncé's Black Is King is nabbing plenty of headlines, it isn't the only thing that premiered today. Kerry Washington's documentary, The Fight, a documentary about American Civil Liberties Union lawyers, hit Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Google Play. During an appearance on Variety's podcast, The Big Ticket, she told listeners that she would definitely be watching Black Is King and adds that she's got a secret in to working with Queen B — her parents.

"I know what I'll be watching Friday. I'll be firmly in the beehive, but [The Fight] is there," she said. Washington notes that the two films are actually a great thing to watch together, since they celebrate inclusivity and the beauty of individuality.

Kerry Washington LEAD

"We are a wonderful addition to empowerment and the value of humanity," she said. "And it feels really special to be producing work in a time when our narratives are really speaking to the value of inclusivity and the beauty of all people."

As for possibly working with Beyoncé in the future, Washington says she can call on a unique set of connections. Apparently, Miss Tina Knowles and Mr. Earl, Washington's father, are pretty close.

"I'll go through our parents. Our parents, they get along really well. Tina and Mr. Earl," she added. "So, maybe they can do something."

It's not just a joke, either. It's actually something that Washington's given a lot of thought to. She added that she'd love the opportunity to direct.

"I was thinking this morning, because I've been doing a lot more directing and I really love directing [...] I should maybe reach out to her team about directing because she works so beautifully with different directors, collaborating with different directors," she said. "So I don't know if she would have me, but that would be really special."

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