Kendall Jenner Did a Rare Instagram Live to Register Voters

As in, her first ever IG live session.

Kendall Jenner is doing something she's never done before — an Instagram Live session — for a very important cause.

On Tuesday, the model hopped on IG Live for the very first time to have a conversation with Jon Favreau, co-founder of Crooked Media, in honor of National Voter Registration Day. After a few technical difficulties in the first couple of minutes (she's never done a Live before!), Favreau joined Jenner as she asked questions about voter suppression, and voter turnout among young people.

"If you don't like what's happening in America right now, I honestly think this election is your last chance to change it," Favreau said at one point. "Voting won't elect a savior, it won't solve all our problems, but voting will give us a chance to do something about climate change, systemic racism, healthcare, and education. Voting will give us a chance to make sure that our politics isn't as f—ked up as it is right now, and that we're not all at each other's throats like we are right now."

During the conversation, Jenner and Favreau also discussed how and where to vote, as well as the major issues in this election.

If you're not registered to vote yet, you can register (or double-check your registration status) here today.

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