Kendall Jenner Apparently Loves This 'Grandpa' Outfit So Much, She Wore It Twice

We're talking a full-on, Kate Middleton repeat.

Kendall Jenner Rewears Grandpa Outfit
Photo: Backgrid

Despite the fact that our closets are stacked with sweaters, pants, and a ton of different accessories, we admittedly find ourselves reaching for the same old pieces time and time again — sometimes, even repeating outfits head-to-toe. After all, we might be seeing a different set of people from the last time we wore that combo, or have realized that those items pair so perfectly together, it's impossible to top.

Even well-known women like Kate Middleton have been knowing to rewear outfits, and now, apparently, Kendall Jenner is on the practice, too.

When we spotted the model out in NYC, wearing a preppy combination of a white turtleneck, a brown sweater, khaki pants, and loafers, we were immediately reminded of a grandpa — in a really good way. So many of today's top trends are borrowed from our elders — dad shirts, mom jeans, pretty much anything the Golden Girls wore, etc. — and despite being made up of basics, Jenner's ensemble wasn't predictable. It had a '90s twist thanks to the earth tones, layering, and the lug-sole shoes, and definitely made a statement.

Then, however, we realized something. Jenner wore that exact same look, right down to her mask, just a few short weeks ago on Nov. 20 while out in Brooklyn.

Kendall Jenner Rewears Grandpa Outfit
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Considering Jenner was just away on vacation in Lake Tahoe with her family, perhaps she just wanted something easy and reliable to wear, and this definitely fits the bill. It's a combination that never gets old and looks super sleek. We'll definitely be thinking of Jenner's look the next time we're stumped for what to wear — and the time after that, too.

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