Kendall Jenner Just Debuted Her Newest Rodeo-Inspired Tattoo

When in Rome.

Kendall Jenner seemed to enjoy her time in the country and is commemorating the trip with a new tattoo. As documented on her social media, Jenner recently traveled to Wyoming and fully inundated herself in the state's culture with hikes, days on the ranch, and of course, a rodeo. She now has debuted some new ink that marks the special trip.

Kendall Jenner Red Hair Tight Ponytail 2022 Oscars
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On Wednesday, Jenner's tattoo artist, Kate McDuffie — aka The Ghost Kat — shared a black-and-white snap of her work: a tiny cowgirl boot on the inside of Kenny's ankle. Despite its teeny size, the black tattoo included all the intricate Western designs found on the traditional footwear, like embroidery on the legs and toes. The second slide of the carousel includes a photo of the inspiration, a brown, distressed cowboy boot.

"Teeniest cowgirl boot for Kendall 👢," wrote McDuffie, who founded The Ghost Kat in 2018 and is known for her small but detailed designs. Jenner reposted the image to her Story writing, "When at the rodeo ..."

You've probably seen McDuffie's signature style on some other big names — she's also responsible for Pete Davidson's famous "My girl is a lawyer" tattoo, a reference to Kenny's big sister Kim Kardashian.

Kendall has a few other very subtle tattoos that she's accrued over the years. According to Pop Sugar, Jenner has a small white dot on her middle finger, an inner-lip tattoo that says "meow," and a white broken heart on her other middle finger that she got with her good friend Hailey Bieber who shares the same tat but in black.

Before she made her affection for Western culture a little more permanent, Jenner shared a gallery to Instagram earlier this week with images from her vacation. She professed her love for the rancheros in a tank top that read "J'adore Cowboys," a reference to the J'Adior tanks of the early 2000s.

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