"I have a right to my freedom of speech."

By Alicia Brunker
Jul 04, 2020 @ 1:15 pm

Update July 14 at 10:30 A.M.: According to Claudia's Twitter, her parents are officially shutting down her social media account. "my parents are forcing me to delete social media so this is my last tweet. apparently, i don’t have a platform! it’s fake! love you all so much. keep fighting," she wrote in a post. 


This week, the world was surprised to learn that Kellyanne Conway's 15-year-old daughter Claudia has some strong political views that conflict with her mother's job as counselor to President Trump. The teen's TikTok platform recently went viral for her anti-Trump content, and her parents aren't exactly thrilled with all of the attention she's been receiving as a result.

Since she began making headlines (and landed an interview with Insider magazine), Claudia's father, George Conway, demanded the media stop contacting his daughter. "To journalists: @kellyannepolls and I do *not* consent to any communications between you and any of our minor children, including our daughter Claudia," he tweeted. "So desist."

The request didn't sit well with Claudia, who proceeded to put both of her parents on blast in a series of now-deleted tweets on Friday (July 3), which were captured by Complex.

"You're just mad that I'm finally getting my voice heard. Sorry your marriage failed," she responded to her father's message. Claudia went on to claim that her parents shut off her phone and pressured her to delete her social media accounts in an attempt to silence her.

Kellyanne Conway
Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

"My parents, particularly my mother, are trying to silence me by getting me to delete my social media. i have a right to my freedom of speech. i’ve been nothing but respectful," she wrote, adding she's speaking out in frustration over being "bullied and badgered her entire life because of her parents."

She continued, "I couldn't care less about media exposure — I'll use whatever platform I've given, big or small, for good."

Before ending her Twitter rant, Claudia had a message specifically for journalists. "lil psa that my name isn’t "kellyanne conway's daughter" or "george conway's daughter"! my name is claudia: nothing more, nothing less. @ the media!!"

The next day, Claudia's social media pages were private.