Kelly Rowland Says She Wants to Dress "Sexier" During Her Second Pregnancy

The good news is, she can start with the dreamy (and cozy!) pieces from her new JustFab clothing collaboration.

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Kelly Rowland JustFab
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Kelly Rowland is a good example of the fact that, despite the overall suckiness of 2020, there's still plenty of fun stuff to look forward to. The singer and actress recently announced she's expecting her second child, is working on new music, and has two movies coming out (Bad Hair, which hits Hulu on Oct. 23, and a Lifetime Christmas flick that she executive produced). She's also just dropped a collaboration with JustFab, giving fans a selection of comfy-cute, size-inclusive clothes all under $100.

"I feel like the JustFab woman is really every woman — she wants to be stylish and fabulous, but at a really smart, reasonable price," Rowland tells InStyle, discussing the warm knits and versatile boots over a Zoom call. "But we're also in quarantine and social distancing, so I love the fact that you can have these beautiful pieces that are also comfortable. This collection feels like it belongs everywhere — in the home, or if you go to the store quick. You want to have those moments of just feeling fabulous again."

Kelly Rowland JustFab

Even while speaking, Rowland takes the chance to show off a sweet yet fancy camel-colored matching set, available to shop now. The co-ords, she says, are the best of both worlds, and include soft fabric as well as a stretchy waistband — perfect for her growing belling (or a big meal).

"These pieces make me feel luxurious and they feel good. My son literally cuddles up right here on me and says, 'Mommy, you feel like a teddy bear.'"

Rowland tells us that, over the years, her style has definitely shifted. She's moved away from constantly keeping up with the latest trends, preferring to focus on timeless pieces instead. It's one of the reasons that Kelly Rowland x JustFab includes so many animal prints and an everyday pair of chocolate croc boots. They're items that seamlessly pair together, requiring little thought when getting dressed.

Kelly Rowland JustFab

"When in doubt, go classic," she recommends, adding that she recently took inventory of her own wardrobe and pared down. "I find it so interesting how every time I clean out my closet, there's something trendy from a long time ago that I bought that I really want to hold onto, maybe because I have some sort of special memory attached to it. But, I had five bags of clothes that I was just 'No, no, I don't need this anymore.' Some stuff, I was like, 'Get that shit out of here! It does not serve me anymore.' I literally put pieces from 2000 in my [give away] pile, and also saved some pieces from 2000. But there are these cute little jeans that I can't fit anymore — not even not pregnant. I'm just like, 'No, boo. Those will never go up.'"

Of course, it all ended up being worth it in the end.

"I noticed all of my pieces now are things that go with everything, and I'm able to match and pair so much better. These pieces all feel like they're going to be around until I die. That makes more sense to me, to have a closet that does the work for me."

One item that Rowland knows will never steer her wrong? A pair of leather pants, an affordable version of which she's included in the collaboration.

"I love putting that pair of leather pants with this animal print sweater that we have," she says. "I'd also wear it with a vintage tee — I'm obsessed with vintage tees — and beautiful button-ups. Those pants go with everything in your closet."

Kelly Rowland JustFab

Rowland also reveals she's on a mission to dress a "little bit sexier" during this pregnancy.

"The last time I was just really dumpy," she says with a laugh. "I was like, I want to do it better this time. Now I have nowhere to go, but I love pieces that will give me some space and where you can still see the woman's form. I was playing in my closet and I paired my old Lenny Kravitz vintage tee with my little snakeskin ankle boots. It looked so cute. I can't wait to wear it out."

Kelly Rowland JustFab

Clearly, Rowland has a positive mindset when comes to the future, but, she tells us it hasn't always been that way.

"I remember maybe two months ago, I genuinely felt hopeless," says Rowland. "I couldn't think like that. I talked to a friend of mine and she was like, 'God blessed you with a new seed and that wouldn't be fair to think like that.' So, I'm actually grateful. This came for me at a good time, because I think I would be so lost in everything that's going on in the world that I'd have to crawl my way back out of it."

That kind of attitude has even carried over to her thoughts about the upcoming presidential election.

"I know everybody's doing all that they can to get the word out, to make their voices heard. I want to post something every five minutes about voting. But it's funny how you watch the numbers change. I noticed some people were just very smart too; people will post these glamorous pictures and then tell people to vote. Everybody is moving in the same direction and that direction is towards change. That's what we need to be focused on. That's what we need to be hopeful on. That's how we need to move. But we need to move with a vengeance, for sure, because I've never seen the things that I'm seeing on television now and some of them really freak me out."

The first Kelly Rowland x JustFab drop is available to shop now on, with new styles refreshed on Nov. and Dec 1.

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