Plus, the couple shares how they're giving back this holiday season.

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at Radio Hall of Fame Class Of 2019 Induction Ceremony
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For many, this time of year can be consumed with shopping for gifts for loved ones and prepping for family dinners. But Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have made it a point to give back to those need — and spread the word about how easy it is for us to do so as well. The couple recently partnered with Amazon to deliver smiles, fulfilling wishlists of organizations on AmazonSmile's Charity List just in time for the holidays.

"It's kind of a great for people like me, certainly like Mark, where we are busy, we’re easily overwhelmed," Ripa explained to InStyle over the phone, in the midst of shopping for a holiday party the two were throwing with Amazon, for an NYC-based shelter, Win NYC.

"I work with a studio audience every day — I know how good people are fundamentally. But people don't know where to begin. What Amazon is doing is smart. They are making it easy for people to get involved and be charitable. You can literally provide a gift for families in need."

Consuelos, who was also on the call, agreed, and further explained the process, revealing it's as simple as clicking a few buttons: "Amazon has a specific list of charities that they have partnered with, and you can either fulfill specific products on these lists or make it part of your shopping experience and donate a portion of what you've spent."

Keeping with the spirit of giving, we chatted with the couple about how to stay charitable year-round, tips for dealing with nosy questions from relatives, and their resolutions for 2020. Read on for their (hilarious) answers.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Amazon Delivering Smiles
Credit: Simon

This is a great initiative around the holiday season, but how do you make it a point to give back year-round?

Ripa: We've been very blessed in our lives, starting with our marriage and we have three healthy kids. So, we have that in our mind all year long. We like to give back as much as we possibly can.

Consuelos: We've partnered with other charities and foundations that we support throughout the year depending on when they need our help.

Ripa: I will say, our kids have gotten us involved in some of their organizations, which has been one of the great benefits of having kids raised in this day and age. They are way more community-service-oriented than I certainly was when I was a teenager.

Consuelos: That's right. It's part of their education, actually.

Relatives tend to ask invasive questions at holiday gatherings. Do you have any advice on what to say when people are a bit too nosy about your personal life?

Ripa: I mean, our families are really good at ignoring us. Once we started introducing grandchildren into the mix…

Consuelos: Yeah, we're not very special.

Ripa: They started ignoring us like, 22 years ago. Our son was born and we stopped existing in our family's lives. If I’m going back to, specifically, a pinpointed a time where we became less interesting, it was around the birth of the first grandchild.

Consuelos: That's right. But we have great families and the holidays are a time for all of us to spend so much time together. We rarely run into that type of situation.

Ripa: It's also hard to be nosy with me because I am one of those people who is such an open book. If you don't read me fast enough, I will turn the pages for you.

Consuelos: You do.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Amazon Delivering Smiles
Credit: Simon

Out of the two of you, who takes the longest to get ready? Who's most annoying about style?

Ripa: I take the longest to get ready, but Mark is the most annoying about style because he's always styled perfectly. It's really an unfair question — my hair is longer. It takes longer to dry.

Consuelos: I can get ready in seven minutes. I've perfected it.

If you both could have a one- or two-word resolution for the new year, what would it be?

Mark: Snore less.

Kelly: Ready for mine? I agree.