Blame it on the dentist.

It's not quite the Bling Ring, but Kelly Clarkson shared a story where she snagged a load of jewels without getting caught. In a segment on her talk show with guest Kaley Cuoco, Clarkson explained that she managed to get a purse full of jewelry without realizing that she'd bought it. Who's to blame? Her dentist.

Clarkson said that she'd had some dental work done and the pain killers and drugs that she'd received during the procedure were so strong that she basically blacked out. She managed to go on a shopping trip, pick up some new jewelry, and not remember a single moment of it.

Kelly Clarkson - LEAD

"I was at CVS filling some prescription because I'd had dental work done the day before," Clarkson told Cuoco. "I look in my bag and I have all these jewelry boxes and I'm like, 'What the hell?' Like, I have literally five to six big boxes of jewelry in my bag. And I'm like, 'Did I like rob someone's house?'"

She connected the dots and realized that it was the drugs — and realizing that she couldn't remember what had happened. 

"I had a full night completely with eyes open walking around that I don't remember," she added. "I was so high from the dentist."

Clarkson went on to say that even now, she has no idea what the potent combination was, though she'd like to find out.

"What did the dentist give me?" Clarkson said. Like all of us, Cuoco wanted in on the action, saying, "Wow! And where can we get it?"

After the incident, Clarkson called her assistant, who said that in addition to going shopping, they'd had an entire day together. Not only did they go shopping, they went to a rehearsal with Clarkson's band, visited a friend, and even went out to dinner. Clarkson couldn't recall any of it.