Kelly Clarkson Says Celebrities Were "Really Mean" and "Rude" to Her for Being on a "Talent Show"

And she got some very unexpected advice from Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Back in 2002, Kelly Clarkson didn't have a talk show, didn't have a judging gig of her own, and she didn't have an entire catalog of cover songs. She did, however, earn the title of American Idol. And while that was the first step in propelling her to superstardom, she told Jennifer Love Hewitt that while she was on the show, celebrities she interacted with were actually "really mean" and "rude" to her, since, to them, she was basically on a talent show.

Kelly Clarkson
NBC / Contributor

Clarkson called those celebrity interactions a "horrible experience," noting that when she'd attend events and appear on the red carpet during her time on the show, she felt "slammed" and overwhelmed. During her time on the show, she was only 20 years old. However, she added that Love Hewitt was, thankfully, one of the good ones and actually told Clarkson that she was rooting for her in the competition.

"You ran up to me right when [I was in the] final three of Idol. We were just so slammed, and everything was happening in a whirlwind," Clarkson said. "People were really mean to us, because we're from a talent show, and it was the first season. Everyone was so rude to us on the carpet, at the show. It was so bad. It was a horrible experience. You came up to me, ran up to me out of nowhere, and said 'Oh my gosh, I'm really rooting for you.'"

Love Hewitt also happened to offer some much-appreciate advice, Clarkson added. And since she can still remember it, it's clear the moment had a lasting impression.

"You said to keep the ones you love close, and it'll end up being just a few people in your life, unfortunately, but that this business can be really hard," Clarkson added. "You just gave me this advice that was really, really kind, at such an unkind time to me personally."

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