Keke Palmer Wore a Tiny Cropped Corset with Gloves and the Lowest-Rise Skirt

Bridgerton meets rave.

Keke Palmer Nope Premiere
Photo: Photo by Unique Nicole/WireImage

Bridgerton's famed balls may be more about court dancing and hoop skirts, but Keke Palmer is proving that adding a little bit of unexpected edge to a Regency Era staple is the perfect way to craft an unexpectedly eye-catching ensemble. Palmer attended the premiere of Jordan Peele's Nope wearing a cropped white corset from Marc Jacobs along with a long, low-slung black skirt that looked like a pair of deconstructed work pants, wide belt loops and all.

Palmer, who stars in the film, wore her hair in thick braids and added a pair of black opera gloves to the look, further emphasizing the Bridgerton vibes of the outfit and giving it a very 2022 detail. A choker and stack of bangles added some sparkle and she finished the entire outfit with semi-opaque tights and a pair of multi-strap Mary Jane-style heels.

Peele has been speaking about the experience on set, explaining the painstaking details that went into the film's production, including how "overprepared" Palmer was for the movie's opening monologue. He noted that many of Palmer's lines were improvised, giving viewers a little something to look for when they see the movie, which comes out in theaters on July 22.

"Very early in the movie, when we meet Emerald, she comes in as this real breath of fresh air, in that she saves the day and injects this energy into this safety meeting that she is giving to this crew of a commercial," Peele told IndieWire. "Keke came in and did, I don't know, probably about 14 takes. Each one of them really very wildly different, uncuttably so. But just a tour [de] force, one of these things where you see somebody like, 'I'm going to make this choice this time and go for it.' There's improv in there."

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