Keith Urban Explained Why a Man "Swatted" Nicole Kidman With a Program at the Opera

"Violence at the opera ensued."

Keith Urban is finally addressing those tabloid reports alleging his wife, Nicole Kidman, was physically attacked by an angry audience member at the Sydney Opera House.

Earlier this month, The Sydney Morning Herald first reported that police were called to the Opera House following reports of an argument between Urban and a man who "swatted" Kidman with his program. The man reportedly became disgruntled with the couple for standing up to clap at the end of the show, and now, Urban is officially setting the record straight about what really happened that night.

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban - LEAD

During an appearance on KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show, Urban confessed that he'd never been to the opera before and was unaware that standing is discouraged. "We did not know you are not supposed to stand in the opera at the end of a performance," said the singer. "Having not been to the opera before ever in my life, I am sensitive to the etiquette."

He continued, "So, we're sitting down, we're with Nic's mum, and we're clapping. It was a bloody great performance, so good, and I'm looking around and we're cheering and cheering, everybody's cheering, and then I look around and I see a few people standing and then a few more and I went 'Oh, bloody hell. I'm getting up.' So then I stood up and then this guy behind me just whacked Nic, like really hit her with the program."

Understandably shocked by the incident, Nicole exclaimed to Urban and her mother: "That guy just hit me!"

"Violence at the opera ensued," joked Urban, adding: "It was a bit of a pickle that I was in because you're a husband and you want to defend your wife, but I'm like what the hell? It took a lot of restraint." Who knew the opera could get so rowdy?

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