Katy Perry Called Out Orlando Bloom Over His Vacation Photos on Instagram

He committed a major faux pas.

Katy Perry isn't letting Orlando Bloom off so easy for his recent social media blunder. Over the weekend, Bloom posted a slideshow of vacation snaps from his and Perry's getaway to Capri, and committed a major faux pas in the process. But thankfully, the singer was there to call her fiancé out for his mistake.

Quoting Dean Martin's "That's Amore" in the caption of his post, Bloom wrote, "When the moon 🌕 hits your eye 👁 like a big pizza 🍕 pie 🥧 That's amore ❤️ When the world 🌎 seems to shine✨ like you've had too much wine 🍷 That's amore ❤️🇮🇹." As fitting as the caption may be, there was only one problem: the actor forgot to tag Katy.

"You forgot to to tag me daddy," Katy teased in the comments section.

Indeed, Perry appeared in several shots — including one of her wearing a stunning floral sundress while standing at the bottom of a stone staircase with friends, and another of her and Bloom sniffing a plate of Italian truffles.

Not too long after Katy's call-out, Orlando made the correction.

Bloom and Perry's daughter, Daisy Dove, sadly didn't make it in the edit of vacation pics, but the songstress did give a rare update about the couple's little one earlier this summer. "She's crawling and she has one tooth," Katy said during an appearance on On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, before clarifying: "It's barely poked through, though. Actually, it's kind of, like, one of my teeth. Because I have pretty good teeth on the top, but if you were to actually see my bottom teeth, they're a little interesting. But I think that's character."

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