Katy Perry Just Hilariously Trolled Orlando Bloom's Gym Selfie

As she should.

When Katy Perry's not busy performing her larger-than-life residency in Las Vegas or mothering her nearly 2-year-old daughter Daisy Dove Bloom, she (apparently) keeps herself occupied by trolling her fiancé Orland Bloom's Instagram thirst traps in the most hilarious way.

On Sunday, the actor shared a carousel of photos detailing everything from "werk-outs" to "beach cleaning" during a stint in Australia. Among photos of the actor hanging out with Josh Gad and holding baby animals, Orlando also indulged in a little gym selfie action by including a snapshot of him doing shirtless sit-ups on a yoga mat with huge weights positioned on either leg.

While certainly thirst-worthy, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Katy (who was absent from the post) remained completely unphased by her beau's antics by candidly commenting, "babe where did you put the cortisone cream I have a heat rash" on Orlando's post. Naturally, the cheeky comment quickly racked up over 1,800 likes and dozens of replies acknowledging the couple's playful banter.

Katy Perry Orlando Bloom
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The couple's cute public interaction came shortly after a source told Entertainment Tonight that Bloom and Perry may soon be looking to have another child together. According to the insider, the pair is "​​very in love and would love to expand their family," adding, "Katy and Orlando are doing really well and amazing. Their relationship is very strong and they have parenting down. They also have figured out how to balance their busy schedules, but also make time for each other."

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