Katy Perry Brought Back Her 2008 Hair and Fans Are Loving It

Yes, even the bangs.

Katy Perry is the queen of evolution, especially when it comes to her hair. This time, though, she decided to evolve all the way back to the beginning of her career for her newest hairstyle and fans are loving it.

On Instagram, the singer posted a new photo of herself wearing a tiger stripe dress and black gloves with the caption "MOTHER." People couldn't help but notice that she was sporting long black hair with a thick fringe, the same style she used to have during theOne of the Boys album and tour.

In the comments, people were loving Perry's new look and leaving comments like, "omg OOTB.." and "she's baaaack."

katy perry 2008 hair

Recently, the world got a reminder of some ofKaty's past hairstyleswhen Orlando Bloom celebrated her 36th birthday on Instagram. In a slideshow, Bloom posted four different photos of them together, and in each Perry's hair is just a little different.

We love a 360 icon.

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