Katie Holmes's Knit Dress Came With a Built-in Blanket

An odd choice for a 90-degree day.

Katie Holmes Knit Dress and Matching Shawl Walking New York City
Photo: Getty Images

Katie Holmes has aptly earned the title of street style queen with her relatable errand-running looks and functional fashion choices. Although, her latest head-scratching look has us wondering how she's staying cool in the New York City heat wave.

On Wednesday, the actress, director, and producer made her way to the Good Morning America studio in a textured, striped knit midi dress and matching shawl/blanket, both by Chloé. She paired the cozy-looking set with oxford-sneaker hybrids from the brand, as well. While the thick duster wrapped around Katie's shoulder doesn't seem very conducive for the city's rising temperatures, the look would be perfect for a working woman who needs some extra warmth in an AC-pumping office. For glam, Holmes wore her silky chestnut hair loosely curled and parted down the middle.

During her interview on the morning talk show, Holmes removed the shawl to reveal the dress's sleeveless bodice as she spoke about her new movie Alone Together, which premieres July 22.

"Hollywood was slowly starting to come back, and so the challenge became, how do you shoot something in maybe like a room because we can't, how do we make it work?" she said about writing and filming in the movie during the COVID-19 lockdown. "And there was different people doing different things, so it was like 'OK, how do we do this? How do we do that?'"

"I tried to write something kind of simple enough to shoot it in pretty much one location, and I decided to just lean into the pandemic since we've all gone through it together," she said about writing and filming during the COVID-19 lockdown. "This is a love story, because I felt like we'd all gone through so much. And for me during that time, I really gravitated towards watchings things I knew the ending, it was pretty hopeful."

She continued, "That's what felt right to write. And I had read a lot of different stories about people falling in love, people getting divorced, people having babies, you know, all of that. And I was like 'I think I'd rather tell a story about people coming together than breaking up.'"

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