Katie Holmes Is Campaigning for the Comeback of Carpenter Jeans

Forget cargo pants.

Katie Holmes Carpenter Jeans
Photo: Getty

Another day, another '90s pants trend returns — and this time around, it's carpenter jeans.

Spotted making a case for the practical denim style over the weekend was Katie Holmes, who wore a pair of baggy workwear jeans to a Q&A panel for her new film Alone Together in New York City. Unlike cargo pants that have side pockets for utility, carpenter jeans are identified by their hammer loopholes that typically extend from the side hem to the back pocket — you know, for carrying tools around and stuff.

Katie Holmes Carpenter Jeans

Holmes dressed up the straight-leg denim with a black double-breasted blazer and white T-shirt combo, as well as with a pair of white designer sneakers that featured brown stitching above the sole. Meanwhile, orange and green geometric, dangling earrings and a hot pink manicure added a playful touch to her business casual look.

Earlier this week, Katie spoke about writing and directing her new movie during the pandemic while making an appearance on Good Morning America. "I tried to write something kind of simple enough to shoot it in pretty much one location, and I decided to just lean into the pandemic since we've all gone through it together," she said. "This is a love story, because I felt like we'd all gone through so much. And for me during that time, I really gravitated towards watchings things I knew the ending, it was pretty hopeful."

She added, "That's what felt right to write. And I had read a lot of different stories about people falling in love, people getting divorced, people having babies, you know, all of that. And I was like 'I think I'd rather tell a story about people coming together than breaking up.'"

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