Katie Holmes Is Reportedly "Playing By Her Own Rules" With Boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr.

"With Emilio, Katie is so authentically herself.”

Though from the outside it appears that Katie Holmes and her new boyfriend, chef Emilio Vitolo Jr., are riding out a particularly intense honeymoon phase (complete with matching masks and sidewalk make-out sessions), sources close to the couple insist that their relationship is legitimately, well … awesome.

In fact, despite the seeming-suddenness of the Kate-Emilio media blitz that began in September, the pair has reportedly known each other for nearly a year.

“They adore each other and can't get enough of one another,” a source told Entertainment Tonight.

“In the past it seemed like Katie would sort of mold to her partners’ lifestyle,” they continued, “but with Emilio, Katie is so authentically herself.”

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr.
Gotham/GC Images

And while the sheer publicness of the couple feels like a sharp contrast to Holmes’s ultra-private relationship with Jamie Foxx, the source claims that this time around, the Dawson’s Creek alum just doesn’t care about appearances. “This is the real Katie and she’s playing by her own rules now,” the source said. "They’re so happy.”

Naturally, Vitolo Jr.’s career has had some bearing on his relationship with Holmes. “One of Emilio’s most attractive attributes is his work ethic and ambition,” the source explained, “his family restaurant is a huge priority for him, which is why they spend so much time at the restaurant.”

Having easy access to (likely free) delicious food seems like a plus any way you spin it.

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