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Kate Upton's cat daddy has nothing on how she's shaken up the world of modeling. Check out Kate Upton photos, including from her Instagram account and bikini-clad photo shoots for Sports Illustrated. Get Kate Upton workout and street-style tips, then try our makeup and hair tutorials for how to do a blowout. 

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13 Gorgeous Celebrities Embracing Their Birth Marks

Beauty marks, birthmarks, moles—they go by many names and most of us have one (or a few). Recently a brave teen's photos went viral when she showed off a body and face full of birthmarks to the world without fear. While you may despise them and have a desire to seek removal options, keep in mind that these rare spots are what makes you standout. In fact, the bombshell icon Marilyn Monroe (pictured above) even rocked a cheek-mark with her signature cherry-red lips and luscious blonde curls. Scroll through our gallery below to see some of your favorite celebrities of today owning what makes them unique. RELATED VIDEO: Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber's Cutest Mother-Daughter Moments on Instagram

Here Is Jennifer Lopez's Statement After Kate Upton Accuses Guess's Paul Marciano of Sexual Harassment

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