Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte Share a Relatable Hair Habit


Princess Charlotte has clearly learned a lot from her mother, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. For instance: how to pair tall brown boots with jeans.

The 5-year-old royal has evidently taken on some of mom's mannerisms as well.

TikTok's @royalfancamps noticed a parallel between the duchess and little princess's behavior during the former's tweed-clad Zoom meeting earlier this month. At one point in the virtual engagement, Middleton grasped for her low ponytail, twirling it gently and pushing it back into place. Charlotte made a similar gesture with her ponytail on her first day of school at Thomas's Battersea in fall 2019.

So, OK, judging by the timeline of this evidence alone, it's possible that Kate actually learned this habit from her daughter. In that case, Charlotte is more of a kindergarten trendsetter than we previously imagined. The unicorn keychain should've tipped us off, really. Anyone who can get a member of the British royal family to willingly go spider hunting is an icon in our books.

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