Kate Middleton and Prince William Are Reportedly in Trouble For Traveling in a Helicopter Against Queen Elizabeth's Wishes

They used the aircraft to jet off on a summer vacation.

It appears Kate Middleton and Prince William have gotten themselves into a bit of trouble. After traveling with their children in a helicopter for a quick summer getaway — even after Queen Elizabeth reportedly made it clear she doesn't approve of the transportation method — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will now have to explain their actions.

The Sun originally reported back in December that the queen and William had "several conversations" at the time surrounding his helicopter use, despite the fact that the prince is actually a trained helicopter pilot. Her Royal Majesty was understandably "terrified" at the idea of an accident occurring, especially with the entire line to the throne on board.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
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Following her concerns, the Cambridges allegedly cut down on their helicopter use until word broke that they'd all climbed aboard another aircraft just last week. As such, royal expert Neil Sean predicts the queen may summon Kate and William to discuss the behavior once they return from their vacation.

"It looks like Prince William and Catherine have defied orders from the queen," Sean shared on his YouTube channel. "This week, they were seen boarding a helicopter in the back area of Kensington Palace as they enjoy a short holiday. This left the queen concerned. It is a royal protocol for people to travel in separate aircraft for very obvious safety reasons."

Neil continued, "Apparently the queen spoke rather firmly to William about this. But on this occasion, perhaps it slipped his mind. When Prince William and Catherine return back from their short break, they will be summoned to Windsor to explain the cause of their actions."

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