Kate Middleton Has a Whole New Look for 2021

New year, new duchess.

London has shut down again, which means Kate Middleton is back to her Zoom looks. This week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took time to speak with frontline workers from vaccination sites in the U.K.

On Instagram, Kensington Palace shared a video of Middleton speaking with nurses from Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham home.

"Nurses up and down the country are going that extra mile, at a time when patients need it the most," the caption reads. "These acts of courage, strength, and kindness matter so much right now and we owe you a huge thank you for all that you have done and continue to do throughout these difficult times."

In the video, Middleton wears a black blazer over a white collared shirt. Her hair is straightened (and getting long!). She accessorized the look with classic pearl earrings and a simple necklace.

Courtesy of Kensington Palace
Courtesy of Kensington Palace

Prior to the lockdown, the Duke and Duchess went on a royal train tour around the U.K. to show their appreciation for frontline workers. The trip was met with some backlash from people who believed they could be exposing people to coronavirus.

As the lockdown continues with a new strand of COVID-19 spreading in the U.K., it's likely we'll only be getting Zoom looks in the near future.

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