Kate Middleton Announced a Solo Trip With an Up-Close Look at Her Engagement Ring

She's taking the Early Year Foundation on the road.

After spending much of 2020 and 2021 performing her duties from the comfort of the palace, Kate Middleton is set to head abroad — and she's doing it solo. Later this month, the Duchess of Cambridge will be paying a visit to Denmark, where she'll highlight her Early Year Foundation. Kate announced the getaway via a cute Twitter video that showed her assembling LEGO bricks into the red-and-white Danish flag.

Of course, LEGO is a Danish company and something that kids all around the world love, so the choice was an obvious (and fun) one. She finished the brick creation with C for Catherine and "På snarligt gensyn," which translates to "see you soon." Kate and Prince William previously visited the country back in 2011, shortly after their wedding.

The clip also gives eagle-eyed royal fans a close-up look at her engagement ring. The 12-karat, Sri Lankan oval blue sapphire ring originally belonged to Princess Diana.

While she's in Denmark, Kate will meet with Danish Queen Margrethe II, who is celebrating her jubilee this year, as well as Princess Mary, who is celebrating her 50th birthday in 2022. All the while, she'll be seeing how Denmark approaches childhood development. Kensington Palace called the country a "beacon of best practice" for the Early Years.

People adds that the trip will be the first time that Kate has taken the cause abroad. The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood works to "increase awareness of and encourage the best work for the 0-5 age group and their carers." To do that, she'll see children and their families, researchers, and people working in the early education.

The palace also noted that Kate will see firsthand how Denmark has "created an enabling culture for early childhood development, specifically how it has promoted infant mental wellbeing alongside physical health, and how it harnesses the power of nature, relationships and playful learning in the first five years of life."

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