Kate Middleton's Latest Speech Was Just as Perfect as Her $69 Dress

The Duchess of Cambridge spoke about the importance of kindness.

Most of my Zoom calls are held in front of the black curtains in my room, allowing my appearance to blur to a near-unrecognizable degree. I'll throw on a tank top if one is clean and maybe wash my face, if the occasion warrants it.

When you are a duchess, however, the royal Zoom is arguably even more formal than a public outing. Kate Middleton made an appearance at a virtual assembly for Oak National Academy on Wednesday, and though she was only visible from the shoulders up, she was dressed in an enviably summery floral gown, her familiar blowout intact.

Kate Middleton Dress
Kensington Palace via Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge spoke with students about "the importance of being kind and looking out for each other." In the video, Middleton can be seen speaking with children to get their perspectives. "Who wants to tell me what kindness means?" she asks. One child responds saying, "Sharing? That's kindness."

Middleton's outfit, though obviously not shown in its full glory during the call, consists of a blue and white print midi-length Marks and Spencer dress with an elastic waist and slightly voluminous sleeves.

kate middleton dress

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Earlier this week, some of the royal family members including Prince William and Prince Charles, resumed their duties in person heading out to thank volunteers around the U.K. While there is nothing official yet, it seems as though it's only a matter of time until we get to see the Duchess out of the Zoom frame.

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