Kate Middleton Capricorn
Credit: Getty Images

Powerful women are born every day, but, if you ask us, Capricorn season hosts more than a few noteworthy birthdays: Julia Louis-Dreyfus will celebrate hers on January 13th, sharing the date with Shonda Rhimes, and Michelle Obama will ring in her 55th on the 17th. But, before we can direct our attention to these and other Capricorn queens (hi, Kate Moss, Mary J. Blige, and Betty White), we must first celebrate a woman who isn’t precisely a queen but is still a legit royal — and total Capricorn, at that.

On Wednesday, January 9, Kate Middleton turns 37 (the same age as sister-in-law Meghan Markle, BTW). For those who aren’t familiar with what it means to be a Capricorn, here’s why she’s a textbook example of one. People born under the sign of the Goat never miss a bill, show up late, or lose sight of their goals. They’re ruled by the steady element of earth and the disciplinarian planet Saturn, making them as poised, hard-working, and responsible as they come. With her numerous charity patronages, unflappable public persona, and commitment to perfectly coiffed hair, the Duchess of Cambridge reflects these qualities like a mirror — but her Capricorn identity is evident in her everyday actions, too.

While we can easily infer someone’s astrological sign by their overarching habits and general personality traits, their smaller gestures and quirks can be just as telling. And, considering the extent to which her entire life is covered by the media, we have plenty of such little moments to look to when analyzing Kate Middleton’s Zodiac sign.

The Duchess has made headlines in the past for re-wearing luxe outfits, having worked regular jobs before marrying Prince William, and chiding her husband for eating pizza on the sofa. Though these actions don’t seem particularly related, they all point to two key Capricorn values: practicality and rules. As we mentioned earlier, Cap is one of the Zodiac’s three earth signs — where fire signs are ruled by their passions and air signs are prone to dizzying whims, earth signs are sensible and prefer to stay the course. Given the highly publicized and tradition-driven nature of her life, Middleton likely appreciates having a defined structure around which to shape her life (even if it means spending part of her birthday alone).

For the record, Middleton knows how to have fun, too. Caps’ comedic stylings tend to be overlooked in exchange for their taskmaster tendencies, but most possess a knack for sarcasm and a wit that’s drier than sand. In that same vein, Prince William has praised Middleton for her “naughty” sense of humor — and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the women’s “drinking society” she founded during her college years. Hey, even royals — and workaholic Capricorns — need to blow off steam sometimes.

The fact that Middleton has cultivated a clear and polished public persona, while nurturing her private family life as well, just might be the most Capricorn thing about her. Sure, she’d be more than happy to kick back and have a laugh with you, but not without addressing her ever-growing list of tasks (and making sure her hair really is perfect) first.