By Bee Shapiro
Updated May 01, 2016 @ 10:30 am
Princess Charlotte lead
Credit: Handout

Princess Charlotte's first birthday may be just a day away (on May 2), but fans of the royal family were treated to an early present. Mom Kate Middleton posted four adorable photos of the sweet tot—showing that Char looks great in blue or pink.

Middleton once again got behind the camera to shoot these shots and they capture the little one playing with a chair and pushing a wooden rolling crate with glee.

Princess Charlotte 2
Credit: Handout
Princess Charlotte 1
Credit: Handout

It wasn't the first time (of course), little Charlotte stole the photo spotlight. The mini Princess was the center of the Queen's attention in a recent portrait shot by Annie Leibovitz.

Princess Charlotte 3
Credit: Handout