Kate Hudson's Morning Yoga Session Featured a Cameo From Rani Rose

Plus, Hudson's workout outfit isn't what you'd expect.

At-home workouts aren't easy for a lot of people — famous or not. In an Instagram post that went up over the weekend, Kate Hudson showed that while many people imagine her hitting warrior one in a serene garden somewhere while wearing an impeccably matched workout ensemble, it's not the case. Hudson shared a clip of her morning yoga session, which may have included warrior one pose, but definitely included her daughter, Rani Rose, climbing all over her. And as for the outfit? Hudson skipped out on athleisure altogether and did the class in her underwear.

"Morning yoga with my little monkey," Hudson captioned the video.

The clip shows Hudson asking her daughter a few questions during her flow, including, "Do you want to help mommy do the next pose?" to which Rani says "Yeah!" before clinging onto her mother's legs.

When Hudson asks Rani Rose, "OK, can you stand up?" she climbs on her mom's back. "Little monkey" seems pretty accurate.

Back in June, Rani made an appearance on her mother's Instagram page, though the sentiment in that post was more sentimental, not cardiovascular.

"I hold my babies as I want to be held and ask for no returns. I love my babies with the freedom of knowing they are different than me and supporting their human right to individuality," Hudson wrote. "I love them all endlessly."

People notes that yoga is something that Hudson and Rani have had for a while — so far back, in fact, that Rani Rose wasn't even born yet. During her pregnancy, Hudson told the magazine that she was taking prenatal yoga classes after her friend and trainer, Desi Bartlett, offered to coach her.

"Desi gave me one of the most beautiful gifts during my pregnancy," Hudson told People. "She coached me using her yoga expertise and brought me on a spiritual journey that connected me to my little girl as she grew inside."

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