Kate Hudson and Rani Rose Had a Mother-Daughter Matching Moment in Fuzzy Coats

How very Penny Lane of them.

It's never too early to start mommy-and-me dressing. Just ask Kate Hudson who had a twinning moment with her 3-year-old daughter Rani Rose after touching down in Colorado for the holidays over the weekend.

On Saturday, the actress shared a photo of the pair dressed in coordinating fuzzy coats while exiting the airport tarmac with the beautiful mountain sky as the backdrop. Kate wore a beige faux fur Marni coat with brown accents at the cuffs over a black sweater, matching pants, and Stuart Weitzman leather boots. She posed behind her daughter with an excited expression on her face. Rani, on the other hand, appeared less than impressed by her new surroundings as she walked in front of her mother in a faux shearling parka by Patagonia. She paired the jacket with Santa Claus pajama pants, white sneakers, and purple gloves.

"The birdies have landed 🛬 ❄️," Kate captioned the cute mother-daughter post, adding the hashtags #coloradogirlies and #xmastime.

Many people commented on much Rani looked her mom in the photo, while others liked the "Penny Lane vibes" of their jackets. "Penny Lane and her daughter," wrote one user. Another added, "Almost famous vibes in that coat 🥺🥺 my fav movie!" A third noted, "Total PENNY LANE vibes in this one." In case you weren't aware, Kate played Penny Lane — a groupie of the fictional band Stillwater, who wore one of the most iconic coats in cinematic history — in the 2000 film Almost Famous.

For the 20th anniversary of the cult-classic film, Kate spoke to James Andrew Miller on his podcast Origins about how people still come up to her to talk about the movie to this day. "I probably don't go a week without someone telling me what Penny Lane is to them, what Almost Famous is to them," Hudson said. "Someone asked me is it weird to be 40? Oh my God, Almost Famous, that happening in my life was like all right, well, your 20s are going to be insane thanks to Almost Famous. For two decades my life has sort of exploded."

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