Kaia Gerber Made a Subtle and Sexy Cameo in Austin Butler's Latest Photo Shoot

I'm 90% happy for them and 10% jealous.

Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber have been generously serving us with public appearances together; first it was a Met Gala couple moment — which would have been the buzziest of the night if it weren't for another certain Hollywood pairing — and then a dash of PDA at the Elvis premiere. Although they say not to mix business with pleasure, Kaia is combining her love life and career by modeling alongside her boyfriend for his latest magazine photo shoot.

Austin graced the cover of the V-Man Fall/Winter 2022 issue in a sultry black-and-white photo from behind. And while technically the actor is the star, his girlfriend stole the spotlight — with her arms alone.

Kaia Gerber Made a Subtle and Sexy Cameo in Austin Butler’s Latest Photo Shoot
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In the image, Austin faces away from the camera but peeks over his shoulder while wearing a black cut-off tank top and leather pants. His messy hair is styled similarly to Elvis's signature 'do, and Cartier bracelets decorate his wrist that's holding onto his belt loop. But the most notable part of the whole shoot? Gerber's arms, which are wrapped around his neck. While the rest of Kaia's head and body are not visible, her unique wrist tattoo (the words "I know" with a line through them) gives her away.

Kaia Gerber Made a Subtle and Sexy Cameo in Austin Butler's Latest Photo Shoot
V Magazine / Collier Schorr

Other snaps from the feature show Austin in a white bedazzled jacket and black leather blazer (both sans a shirt underneath), as well as a Western-style vest, sheer floral shirt, and tight Balenciaga tee.

During the interview, Austin detailed the similarities between himself and the King of Rock and Roll. "His mother passed away when he was 23 and my mother passed away when I was 23," he told the publication. "And I thought to myself, 'That's the trajectory of being human and living your life.' My mom was my best friend and his mom was his best friend. I know what that felt like losing my best friend and my mother at that particular time in my life, so that really connected me to him and made me just feel so much love for him."

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