Kacey Musgraves Spoke Out About Her Divorce From Ruston Kelly

"I mean, seasons change. Our season changed."

In a recent cover interview with Rolling Stones, Kacey Musgraves addressed her divorce from Ruston Kelly for the first time.

And she did it in the most Kacey Musgraves, lyrically poetic way possible (like these could actually be the lyrics of one of her Grammy-winning songs). "It just simply didn't work out. It's nothing more than that," she explained. "It's two people who love each other so much, but for so many reasons, it just didn't work. I mean, seasons change. Our season changed."

While this was the extent of her comments on her own marriage, she continued to ponder the constitution of marriage in general.

"Part of me questions marriage as a whole, in general," she told the publication. "I mean, I was open to it when it came into my life. I embraced it. I just have to tell myself I was brave to follow through on those feelings. But look at Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. They're doing something right." The Rainbow singer added that "I think I live best by myself. I think it's OK to realize that."

The singer also opened up about a recent "guided mushroom trip" that she did in total Spacey Kacey fashion. The "exercise" was overseen by a doctor and timed to a seven-hour-and-40-minute playlist developed by a researcher at John Hopkins.

"It was not recreational at all," she said. "It was like mental and spiritual labor. Like, 10 years of therapy in one sitting."

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