In a shocking feat, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau somehow made us love him even more.

Canada’s resident hunk is a high-powered world leader, but that doesn’t stop him from logging some serious bonding time with the fam. Yesterday, JT brought his three-year-old son, Hadrien, to “the office” with him.

As documented in Trudeau’s five-slide Instagram album, Hadrien and his pa went for a jog through the parliamentary halls, talked to the press, and played a spirited game of hide-and-seek.

It looks like Hadrien has all the best hiding places scoped out for his next visit.

ICYMI: Trudeau’s son is wearing a Star Wars tee—clearly, Justin isn’t the only sci-fi fan in the family (re: socks).

In addition to Hadrien, Justin and wife Sophie share two other children together: Xavier James, 9, and Ella-Grace Margaret, 8.

We must say, this is a Daddy Day Care sequel we can really see ourselves getting behind.