A Complete Timeline of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Relationship

All the way back to 2007.

It's the stuff of pop songs and romance novels: a superstar singer meets a wholesome, beloved actor and everyone finds true love. That may be the story behind Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, but there's much more than just falling in love, getting married, and two kids. Here's how it went, from their very first meeting to a baby that nobody saw coming and everything between.

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Early 2007

The two meet for the first time at a birthday party that Timberlake was hosting for one of his friends. According to Us Weekly, Timberlake called Biel on the phone to ask her out after the soirée and she said yes. In late January, People reported that the two were "special friends" after they were spotted snowboarding together.

"I had to be pretty persistent in order to get her to say yes," Timberlake said, Us reported. "But I have a fair amount of tenacity and if I want something I stick to it. And in the end, she agreed."

May 2007

Biel and Timberlake go public. The Daily Mail publishes the first photos of them kissing while they're in the U.K.

"They're both doing everything they can to keep their relationship low-profile, but when they're among friends they can hardly keep their hands off each other," a source said.

September 2007

During an appearance with Oprah Winfrey, Timberlake said that he's dating someone who "smells lovely" and that it's "pretty romantic."

May 2009

The two attend the Met Gala together.

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January 2010

Biel told Vogue that her relationship with Timberlake is "the most precious thing that I have in my life."

May 2010

It's Met Gala no. 2.

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March 2011

After months of rumors, the couple announces that they're going their separate ways. Reps told People, "The two remain friends and continue to hold the highest level of love and respect for each other."

May 2012

The two attend the Met Gala together again.

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June 2011

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Timberlake called Biel the "most significant person" in his life. According to E! News, they are seen getting tacos together and taking bike rides. Things are pointing to a reconciliation.

A source shared that the two are "quietly seeing each other again." Biel and Timberlake don't comment on the situation.

November 2011

In an interview with Elle, Biel said, "a girl doesn't kiss and tell" when asked about her relationship status.

December 2011

Timberlake and Biel announce their engagement.

"I had the ring on my pinky and I was like, 'Look at the shadows over there on the mountains,'" Timberlake said of the engagement. "And she was like, 'Oh yeah, that's beautiful,' and I was like, 'Do you see it?'" He had the ring on his pinky.

Biel told the Associated Press that she never saw herself getting married.

"It's actually not anything I ever really thought was going to happen to me or that I really wanted," she said. "And when it happened it just seemed ... it just was right."

October 2012

The two make it official during a ceremony held in the Italian countryside. She wore a pink, custom-made Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown. He wears Tom Ford.

January 2015

Timberlake tells his Instagram followers that he and Biel are expecting a baby.

April 2015

Timberlake and Biel welcomed their first child together: a son named Silas Randall. According to People, Timberlake's maternal grandfather was named Silas and Randall is both Timberlake's middle name and his father's first name.

January 2017

Biel speaks about Timberlake's drive and ambition in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"I think having a partner who is doing something that you're excited about — like for me, his music and everything that he does — it's just amazing to see somebody doing what they love, and I think it can be as simple as that," she said.

February 2018

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Biel and Timberlake attend the Emmy Awards together. He also performs at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

"Here's to a spectacular year ahead. I'm so proud of all you've accomplished and all that is ahead for you. plus you're a super hot dad," Biel wrote ahead of the performance. "I'm here, right by your side, OG fan girl #1. Happy birthday, my beloved. Now go crush it this weekend at SB LII."

Biel makes a cameo in Timberlake's music video for "Man of the Woods."

October 2019

Biel dresses as Timberlake for Halloween. He wore a microphone costume.

"This was his idea," Biel said on The Late Late Show with James Corden. "This was all his idea. 'You're gonna do this.' I was working in New York, so I literally was flying back on Halloween night."

November 2019

Timberlake is photographed holding hands with his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright during the film's shoot in New Orleans, Louisiana.

"There is absolutely nothing going on between them. They were out with all the cast, crew, makeup artists, and everyone was just hanging out in a social setting," a source told E! News. "They are just working together. No validity to any other rumor other than that they are filming together."

"They're filming a movie together and it was a group of people hanging out," a second source added. "There is nothing going on between them."

Later that month, E! added that Biel and Timberlake are moving past the incident.

"They are downplaying everything and trying to laugh it off as nothing. But it was definitely inappropriate and something that would make any wife uncomfortable," a source explained. "He had too much to drink and got carried away."

December 2019

Timberlake issued a public apology on Instagram: "A few weeks ago I displayed a strong lapse in judgment — but let me be clear — nothing happened between me and my costar," he wrote, later adding, "I apologize to my amazing wife and family for putting them through such an embarrassing situation, and I am focused on being the best husband and father I can be."

A source told People that Biel "is standing by" her husband. "Obviously Justin drank too much this time, but Jessica believes he didn’t cheat on her," the source said. "What's most important to her in life is her family and being the best mom to Silas. She’ll never break up her family over something like this."

March 2020

The Daily Mail published photos of Biel out without her wedding ring. Fans fear that the two couldn't make things work. However, just a few days later, Timberlake throws Biel a pajama party birthday celebration

June 2020

Biel wishes Timberlake a happy Father's Day.

July 2020

The two reportedly welcome a second child. There is speculation about the family quarantining away from L.A. at their home in Big Sky, Montana, which could explain how Biel managed to keep her pregnancy a secret.

"They told very few people. This has really brought them closer together again. They’d just learned they were having baby No. 2," a source close to the couple told In Touch. "It was a very difficult few months for them, but they came out on the other side, and now they have this beautiful little boy."

November 2020

Jimmy Fallon, who is good friends with Timberlake, revealed that their new baby is in fact real and "so cute." He told ET “Oh my gosh — adorable and already funny.”

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