Justin Bieber
Credit: Splash News

Justin Bieber hasn't been one for subtleties as of late ... and when he stepped out in New York City Tuesday afternoon, his ensemble was a reflection of that.

The singer was spotted flashing a smile as he took a stroll in the Big Apple rocking a bright gold jacket emblazoned with his name on the back of it, and that was just the beginning. He paired the coat with an oversized off-white cowboy hat, white shorts, white tights from his Purpose the Stadium Tour merch and white tennis shoes.

And just in case he needed a spare set of kicks on his way, he palmed a pair of white sneakers in his hand. While it wasn't clear if the Biebs was trying to make a style statement this go 'round or was just a tad cold, his 'go big or go home' lessons in fashion didn't get lost here, particularly when it comes to the incorporation of his Purpose the Stadium Tour merch.

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The singer released the lookbook for the merch collection earlier this month, which includes signature tops, sweatshirts, sweatpants, tights, and more.