Justin Bieber Just Posted a Raw, Emotional Letter to His Fans

The Biebs hath spoken! On Wednesday evening, the singer got real with his fans in a heartfelt, lengthy post on Instagram. We'll post the capture of the full message below. But in nutshell, you should know that Justin has taken some major inventory of his life, and has emerged from his deep plunge all the wiser.

In the post, the 23-year-old came clean about some of his past antics. He admitted that he's let insecurity get the best of him at times. (As your senior, Justin, we can tell you that basically is being in your twenties. Don't even sweat it.) He went on to say that he's ready to break free of his past, and he plans make some changes in the way that he operates.

Still, Bieber has only love for all the lessons he's learned. "What I'm not gonna do is let my past dictate my future. What I'm not gonna do is be ashamed of my mistakes," he vowed. Amen to that!

Bieber also addressed the recent cancelation of his tour. "Me taking this time right now is me saying I want to be SUSTAINABLE," he wrote. The life of a musician on tour is notoriously punishing, so we commend the singer for recognizing the need to slow down.

"This message is just an opportunity for you to my heart," Biebs summed up. "I'm not expecting anyone to understand, but I do want people to have an opportunity to know where I'm coming from!" And judging from the legions of heart emojis that are accruing like wildfire under the post as we speak, it seems that fans appreciate that op.

This is seriously inspiring stuff—and it spreads a powerful message about the dangers of burnout.

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