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Justin Bieber just showed fans what a hotel jam session looks like for him and that he's basically a regular guy.

It all went down on a live post on Instagram Stories Tuesday afternoon when the singer decided to put on an impromptu concert of sorts. But, after he strummed his guitar and muttered verses off camera ... things got a little random when he granted fans' wishes and showed his face.

First, he revealed his Playstation username. "Don't judge me...[it's] hockeykillah. So if you guys want to play me in NHL or Call of Duty, then hit me up. Please don't judge me." Then, he started reading the comments on his live post, smacked his gum, and told fans he needed to put on some socks because his feet were cold.

Credit: Justin Bieber / Instagram

Finally, he started singing again, and fans went crazy as he crooned a bit of "Despacito". That was short-lived, though, when he started showing fans around his place instead of finishing up the song. He also stopped smacking his gum after people kept complaining about it.

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"I'm so self conscious about my gum chewing skills now," he said with a laugh. "She's so angry." From there, he showed fans the inspirational messages he wrote to himself on the bathroom mirror, like "Turn the other cheek," and the vitamin C and whey protein he had on the counter.

And just when things couldn't get any more random ... he started shaving.

Still, his fans seemed to love getting an inside look at his life—and his shenanigans, because more kept tuning in, with nearly 340,000 people watching his every move.

The Biebs continued talking to fans and cracking jokes, even pretending to make a run for it from his security, before putting one of them on camera and saying, "His beard is on fleek".

This was after he shared a video on Instagram of himself acting silly in his hotel room, along with eight back-to-back shots of the same selfie.

Just a day in the life of the Biebs.