If you were given an hour of quality time with Justin Bieber, how would you spend it? Think about it.

Would you try to learn the choreography to “Sorry”? Ask him to remove his shirt so you can count every single one of his tattoos? Maybe you’d even “accidentally” manage to chip another one of his teeth to extend your time together at the dentist.

Our pick? We’d take him golfing.

When Bieber’s not on stage or taking selfies or ranting on Twitter or supporting a good cause or asking for a wife or spontaneously going live on Instagram, he’s playing sports. In fact, he loves sports! Especially ones that allow him to wear cool jerseys.

“I support all sports I’ll put ANY jersey from ANY pro team if I’m whack for wearing jerseys they give me out of love then I’m whack,” he recently wrote on Twitter. “I also don’t know enough about sports to really have valid opinion but I do enjoy sports!! And enjoy any high level sports game. Any team.”

And so golf may very well be his favorite sport.

On Tuesday, Bieber dressed like the ultimate dad and headed to the course for a round with some pals. He wore one of those unnecessarily oversized polos, khakis (yes, khakis), and cute sneakers we’d actually shop for. He looked handsome, because well, it’s Bieber. But we mostly, truly, honestly love his golf cart.

Credit: Splash News

Justin, can we join you?

Several putts and the occasional hole-in-one doesn’t sound that exciting, but letting Bieber zip us around from one field to the next? Count us in.

He’d likely sing. He’d likely dance. He’d likely ask you if you want to go faster. We’d say yes. And then we'd ask him the following questions on the ride:

Justin, where’d you pick out your shirt?

Justin, how long have you been golfing?

Justin, is golfing your favorite sport?

How often do you work out, Justin?

Would you mind if we took a selfie, Justin?

Hey Justin, what’s your favorite bottled water brand?

Don’t forget to stay hydrated, Justin.

You go by Biebs right? Can I call you that? I’m going to call you Biebs.

You having fun?

Want to follow me on Instagram?

Think we can do this again, Justin?

Maybe one day.