Julia Fox Modeled a Skirt Made of Polaroids

They're photos of herself, naturally.

While some people would consider wearing the lowest low-rise pants in recent memory or opting for a gown that features a human hand as a halter detail as major cries for attention, it doesn't seem like Julia Fox is going to stop stealing the spotlight. In a new video from Vogue Czechoslovakia, the model, muse, and actress wore a midi-length skirt that was fashioned from a patchwork of Polaroid photos — and while she held two photos over her bare breasts, she explained to viewers that all the photographs in the ensemble were of herself.

The video included another look that featured draped gold fabric and throwback 60s-style hair reminiscent of Jane Fonda in Barbarella, but Fox's photo dress eclipsed even the glitziest gilt gown. A third look from the shoot was a pink-and-red gown that she paired with a statement-making gemstone necklace and a cropped wig that may have taken inspiration from Sophia Loren and Linda Evangelista. All of the looks also incorporated Fox's signature graphic eyeliner.

The Polaroid skirt is just the latest entry into Fox's extensive portfolio of avant-garde fashion choices. When she wears jeans, they're actually a denim bag. And if she's slicing off her waistband, it's because she decided to transform the band of fabric into a tube top. While Fox can thank her ex, Kanye West, for a few of the looks, it's clear that after the two have gone their separate ways, Fox's style is all her own.

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