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If there’s one thing Josh Duhamel knows how to do, it’s have a good time. The Transformers: The Last Knight star quite literally lit up Times Square for a Cinco de Mayo event with Corona last night, ringing in the holiday with a celebratory dropping of the New Year’s Eve Ball (which, appropriately, had been transformed into a lime). It was the perfect occasion for Duhamel to let loose, and he was ready to make the most of the festivities. “Where I grew up, Cinco de Mayo wasn’t a big deal,” he told InStyle. “It just wasn’t really a thing in North Dakota. So when I moved to Los Angeles, it was like, ‘Cool—I have a reason to party! I’m all in.' But this year’s Cinco de Mayo is probably going to be my crowning memory.’”

Thanks to his down-for-anything attitude, the actor—who’s married to “Life Goes On” singer Fergie—may be the ultimate party guest. But he’s also a pro when it comes to hosting a fiesta of his own. His key party must-haves? It’s always nice to have good food,” said Duhamel. “Great music is also important for me, and there’s gotta be a game playing on TV somewhere.” The competitive sports aren’t just limited to the screen, though. “There have to be games for us to play, too,” said Duhamel. “I do like to sit and talk and socialize with people, but I’m kind of a dude in that way. I don’t know if it’s just my intimacy disorder or if I just have ADD, but there have to be a lot of activities. We like to do chipping contests in my backyard and play either ping pong, pool, or corn hole. And there are a lot of trivia games.”

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Scroll down for our full chat with Duhamel, in which he dishes on his Mother’s Day plans for Fergie, the fashion sense of their Yeezy-wearing 3-year-old son Axl, and how he developed an injury called "Mommy’s Wrist" (yes, really).

Once you’re a few drinks in, how can someone tell that you have your beer goggles on?
That’s such a good question—that’s really something my wife should answer. She can always tell. It’ll be after a red carpet thing or something, and she wasn’t there but saw my interviews later. She’ll say, "You had a couple of beers before that didn’t you?" I’m like, "Yeah. Why? How’d you know?" She’s like, "I can tell." So I don’t know how, but she can tell.

Speaking of Fergie, Mother’s Day is coming up. What’s your approach to creating the perfect day for her?
It isn’t so much about the grandiosity of it—it’s more about the thoughtfulness of it and making sure that she feels appreciated because she does a lot for that little boy. She really does. She’s been an amazing mother. I always had an idea that she would be. Actually, at first, I was like, "Nah, she’ll never be." At first, she doesn’t scream "mother." But I also knew inherently that she was going to blossom into this woman who would be a great mother in her own sort of unique way—and she has. It’s a beautiful thing to see, and Mother’s Day is a good opportunity to show her that we appreciate that. Axl and I will do something for her—but I’m not going to tell you what.

Axl has quite a presence on Instagram already, and Fergie posted a photo of him wearing a pair of Yeezys for his birthday. Is he getting into fashion yet?
I don’t know if he’s really into fashion. I believe Kanye sent those over to the house—Kanye or Kim. I asked my wife, "Where did you get the Yeezys?" And she said, "Kim sent them!" I was like, "Send me some Yeezys!" There’s probably a reason Kanye didn’t send me Yeezys. He’s like, "We don’t want him wearing ‘em."

Does Axl choose his own outfits yet?
Yeah, he chooses stuff that’s comfortable. He wants to wear his sweats and his shoes that he can take on and off easily. I’ve said this before, but I dress him like he’s a boy, she dresses him more like he’s in a boy band. Her outfits for him usually include more skulls and rock stuff; mine include jeans and a t-shirt. So if we fight, it’s usually about that. But that’s about it.

Does he ever express any opinions about what you guys wear?
Actually, it’s usually that he wants me to wear a superhero costume. He’ll insist on me putting on my Power Rangers costume, and I’m like "Dude, I don’t want to." And then it’s, "Okay, okay." We spend a lot of time doing that because he puts his costume on and then he wants me to put one on. We all have these Cookie Monster costumes, and I’ll come into the house and they’re watching a movie together in Cookie Monster costumes. Matching Cookie Monsters. So if he insists that we wear something, it’s usually costumes.

When you’re not dressing up in costumes, do you and Fergie ever hit the gym together?
Not much. We’ll go on hikes together, but that’s about it. She’s got her routine, and I’ve got mine. I usually stick to biking and circuit training.

Is there anything new you’re trying lately, fitness-wise?
At this point, it’s really more about staying healthy and not getting injured. Because I go pretty hard, and I’ll end up hurting myself somehow. Then I don’t want to stop working out, so I rehab it and then the last resort is to cut it open. I just had surgery on my wrist because two tendons were so inflamed. I think it was from trying to do headstands and handstands in yoga. I only started doing yoga about a year ago, so I’m trying to do all this stuff that I shouldn’t be doing. I went to see the doctor and he was like, "Oh yeah, that’s Mommy’s Wrist." I was like, "What do you mean, Mommy’s Wrist? Can we call it something else?" He’s like, "No it’s Mommy’s Wrist. It’s very common with women who are constantly holding kids." So I had to get a little surgery on it. But I do yoga mainly because I’m trying to avoid injury and also stay flexible and strong. It’s been great. It’s good for my mind—but I did end up hurting myself doing it.