Jonathan Bailey Wants to Lull You to Sleep With His Latest Collaboration

Because everyone's dreaming of the viscount.

Jonathan Bailey Bridgerton Premiere Party
Photo: Photo by John Phillips/WireImage

Whether or not you think that Bridgerton's sophomore season held up to its debut outing, even the harshest critics can't deny that Jonathan Bailey's velvety smooth voice and incendiary smolder were some of the show's biggest standouts (corgis aside). Now, through a new collaboration with mindfulness and meditation app Calm, listeners can enlist the actor to lull them to sleep with a special Sleep Story, "Love Letter from an Englishman." It's a very apropos theme for the viscount, of course, but Bailey says that he's a big fan of Calm and that the partnership is something he's very proud of.

Bailey has been open about his own struggles with anxiety, so it makes sense for him to share his love of the Calm app with fans. He described the journey within his story as a way for people to get cozy and join him in a "soothing romantic" story.

"I love Calm. I've listened to many sleep stories over the years narrated by an eclectic mix of super talented readers," Bailey said of his own experiences with the app. "So, it's an honor to release my own. I hope people cozily doze off as they set sail with me on the tropical seas."

"I know how hard it can be to silence your mind at night," he added. "I hope my sleep story on Calm will take people on a soothing romantic journey into a deep energizing slumber."

Calm shared an exclusive 60-second clip of Bailey's Sleep Story with InStyle, giving listeners a preview of that accent in action, including how he calls listeners "darling," uses plenty of flowery language, like describing the moonlight as "opal," and preps everyone to relax as he "regales" them with his "odyssey." Naturally, soft classical music plays behind his soothing narrative.

Simone Ashley, who played Kate Sharma opposite Bailey's Anthony Bridgerton, said that the pair had instant chemistry, something viewers probably felt as soon as the two met in the second season's first episode.

"It was from get-go in our chemistry read I would say ... the camera on us, and we did a couple of scenes, and we just really clicked," she told Access Hollywood. "Johnny is an incredible actor. He's so generous, and he was just so easy to work with, so effortless."

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