When Stuck in Traffic, Jon Hamm Considers Watching Cat Documentaries

Google is a powerful search engine. Jon Hamm is a powerful actor. So what surfaces when you bring both together? Cat documentaries.

During his July 2017 InStyle shoot, the former Mad Men star happily answered one very pressing question: “What’s the last thing you Googled?” As we learned, Hamm uses the Internet for practical purposes. “I drove by a theater and I was sitting in traffic and I was like, ‘Maybe I’ll just go see a movie,’” he told us, adding, “And I don’t want to say I Googled it while I was driving, but I Googled it while I was driving.”

Hamm searched for the show times of a flick we've literally never heard of. “I do remember which movie. It’s funny you ask. It’s a movie called Kedi, which is a documentary about cats in Istanbul,” he revealed. “I’m not making that up.”

Though he didn’t have enough time to hop out of the vehicle and head to the theater, he definitely thought about it. “Not the worst way to beat traffic—watching a cat documentary,” he said. “I had seen the movie before, but I really liked it, so I was going to maybe just pop in and watch an hour of it. It’s a really heart-warming documentary about these stray cats in Istanbul. Go see it.”

There you have it: Kedi, the last thing Jon Hamm Googled.

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