Jon Hamm Won't Finish Bad Books, So Read His Top 3 Picks

Though it’s tough to move past his damn good looks, Jon Hamm is quite bookish. In fact, he takes his reading pretty seriously. “I don’t finish bad books. You know? If it’s bad, I’ll just pull the ripcord,” he told us on the set of his InStyle shoot.

Well noted.

So if you were to spot Hamm dog-earing a novel somewhere, which would it be? Currently, he has three in rotation. “I just finished a book called The Circle ($11,, which I know came out like five years ago, but a friend of mine told me about it and I read it in like two days,” he told us. Next up: Michael Chabon’s Moonglow ($17; “It’s pretty good,” he said.

There’s one, however, he’s particularly excited about. “I read a really good non-fiction book called Command and Control about America’s nuclear arsenal, oddly, which is very informative,” he said of Eric Schlosser’s book ($12; “Maybe some people in the administration could read it, and it might be nice—get a little working knowledge of our nuclear triad, but that’s neither here or there.”

As for how the man finds his new picks, it’s not that complicated. “I don’t really, like, subscribe to a book club or read, like, The Book Review, or anything like that,” he says. “If you hear about it in the zeitgeist or somebody recommends it to you, that’s usually how I’ll pick it up."

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