John Mayer
Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

Who doesn't love a man in touch with his sensitive side!

Just look to John Mayer: he not only can he sing, write beautiful lyrics, and play a mean guitar, but he's also a HUGE This Is Us fan! Cue up fantasies of you and JM snuggling on the couch marathoning NBC's newest hit show and passing each other tissues.

The heartthrob musician took to Twitter to express his feelings regarding the emotional roller coaster that is the generation-spanning, This Is Us. Like us, Mayer was totally affected by the heartstring-tugging plot lines of the pilot episode.

The Where The Light Is singer tweeted that he cried and even followed up with another tweet about how it may just be useless for him to wipe his tears away. "Just gonna let the first ones create tracks for a more even, efficient flow," he tweeted.

VIDEO: Mandy Moore and the Cast of This is Us Talk Their New Show

This Is Us star Mandy Moore reached out via Twitter to Mayer, saying "Glad you're digging it, @JohnMayer." Mayer responded with excitement, even complimenting Moore, and revealed that he was going to attempt an "emotionally reckless stunt" and watch an episode of her show in public on an airplane. All we can say is, we hope his seat mate had some Kleenex.