John Legend Told Us What He Got Chrissy Teigen for Mother's Day and It's so Cute

All of me, loves all of this.

Mother's Day is this coming Sunday, and after the year mothers have had it is certainly much deserved. For many moms, that meant balancing children being home 24/7, practically becoming a homeschool teacher, and for some, working from home on top of all of it. So that special woman in your life better be getting a damn good gift!

Well, the Legend family is no different (aside from a few small factors), and John already has his gift on lock for the special lady in his life — Chrissy Teigen, his wife and mother of their two kids, Luna and Miles. When we spoke to him about his song for the new SK-II Studios "VS Series," he spilled the details to us about what he's giving her for the holiday.

John Legend Gives Chrissy Teigen the Same Mother's Day Gift Every Year

But don't worry, we're not spoiling any secrets for her — she gets the same gift every year, so she's already expecting it. Each Mother's Day, the "All of Me" singer gifts Teigen with the most thoughtful gift: an album filled with pictures and memories that they and the kids shared that year.

"The first year after Luna was born in 2017, I thought that I would do a yearbook every year to give to Chrissy," Legend tells InStyle. "So we do like a nicely bound yearbook every year, and I give it to her on Mother's Day."

The EGOT-winning composer, lyricist, and singer with velvety vocal pipes even has a cute name for the book. "I just call it the 'family yearbook.' She knows it's coming. She's always excited to get [it]."

As the kid who counted down the days to receive my high school yearbook, (maybe the journalist in me?) I fully understand her excitement to receive this personalized and sentimental yearbook each year that preserves meaningful family photos and memories.

"We really cherish them; the kids can look through them, and we can reminisce — we'll have them forever," Legend tell us, adding that creating the book is a process he thoroughly enjoys. "I love putting them together and editing and picking photos. It's like a labor of love."

And these yearbooks aren't Legend's first rodeo with family albums. For his and Chrissy's first wedding anniversary, he made her a personalized coffee table book with photos they had taken "passion style," as he tells us.

"We got all these beautiful photos taken by our photographer," he shares. "So I got all the pictures edited and put into this beautiful coffee table book. And I was proud of myself. I was like, 'OK, that's a good gift.'"

Evidently, family is important to John. The La La Land star also opened up to us about how he and Chrissy are trying to instill healthy values in Luna and Miles.

"Occasionally the topic of people's appearance comes up, and sometimes Luna will ask me who I think is prettier between two people," he explained. "And I try to let her know that it's not for me to say. There are all kinds of ways to be pretty and all kinds of ways to be beautiful. We don't have to compare ourselves to one another. It's interesting that even at age five, they're already getting that message, so I'm trying to dissuade her from even thinking that's an area where she should be thinking about competition."

While Legend is preparing the yearbook for the big day, he's also prepping for another big event coming up in the next week. As a coach on NBC's The Voice, Legend is heading into the live playoffs with his team on Monday night, something he says he's greatly looking forward to.

"I was just on a call with all of them," he tells us. "I talk a lot about the specifics of this song, and how they can be most effective delivering the song with urgency, emotion, passion so they can make people feel something. Beyond our competition, I try to give them advice to think about who they want to be in the world."

If you've ever watched even just one episode of the singing competition, it's apparent that the coaches really treasure this job. And it isn't just because they get to poke fun at and laugh with their co-stars — though that is a bonus (fun fact: John and Chrissy host a dinner every season for the coaches). One aspect Legend really cherishes is working with these aspiring artists who look up to him.

"I love working with these artists," the Conversations In The Dark singer says. "It's so much fun mentoring them and trying to inspire them, but also I get a lot of inspiration from them. I love their hunger and desire. I love engaging with them because I think I learned more about how I want to engage with my audience. It helps me think about myself, critique, and improve myself in a certain way because I get the opportunity to coach other artists and think about the feedback that I'm giving them and what makes them the most effective performers."

We'll be watching John's team on Monday, and we'll be watching Instagram for a peek at the yearbook on Sunday.

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