Baby Luna Is John Legend's Biggest Little Fan at His Concert

Legend Family - Lead
Photo: chrissyteigen/Instagram

You might think 1-year-old Luna Simone is too young to enjoy John Legend's concert, but you'd be wrong. This weekend, Chrissy Teigen shared the cutest video of LuLu at her dad's show, and it will seriously melt your heart!

Teigen, Legend, and their daughter are traveling around the country for his latest tour, and they've had plenty of fun along the way, meeting a huge seal and getting henna tattoos. The main event, however, is obviously Legend's concerts, and even little Luna seems to enjoy watching her "dada" perform.

In Teigen's latest Instagram video, she's lounging in the crowd with her daughter, and both of them have their eyes trained on Legend as he finishes his song. That's some seriously impressive behavior from a toddler! Teigen captioned the sweet clip with "all eyes on dada."

She may be young, but Luna definitely has an early appreciation for music. In another one of Teigen's 'Grams, Luna is sitting on her mom's lap, carefully watching one of Legend's trumpet players do his thing. Check out those adorable jelly sandals on her feet!

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Will little LuLu grow up to be a musician like her dad? Only time will tell!

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