Joe Jonas Said the New 'English Side' of His Family Turned Him Into a Gin Drinker

Queen of the North, King of the gin.

Joe Jonas Tanqueray Gin
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Imagine turning on your local news station to check the weather report, only to see Joe Jonas as the front desk anchor. And the sunny-dispositioned weatherman. And the cameraman. If that were the case, there's a 100% chance that I'd be glued to the TV much more often.

The truth is, Jonas is living out this dream — and his "anchorman fantasy," as he calls it — by starring in a new hilariously surreal summer sunshine video for Tanqueray Sevilla Orange. Even better, the Jonas Brothers band member forecasts a summer of fun, which we certainly all deserve. (Hey, Joe Jonas believes in #ShotGirlSummer too!)

So, how did he get this into gin — enough to go full-on, creative campaign status — you might ask? Well, Jonas' wife, Sophie Turner, had a little bit to do with that.

"With the English side of my family now, I've been introduced to a lot of gin and tonics, and it's a perfect summer drink," he tells InStyle.

The new gin aficionado adds that he's really looking forward to getting back to bars and restaurants, even if it's just with outdoor dining for the time being.

"When it's in the right time, and we can come together, go out, and have a drink, I'm definitely going to be there," he says, stating that his cocktail of choice this summer will be a Tanqueray Sevilla Orange gin and tonic, topped with a fresh orange wedge on the rocks — aka the same one he loved after long days on set for his upcoming film, Devotion.

Joe Jonas Tanqueray Sevilla Orange
Courtesy of Tanqueray

Of course, Jonas has plenty of plans for the season ahead, especially when it comes to fashion. He says he's thinking about wearing "a bathing suit everywhere I go, in hopes that there's going to be some sort of body of water, like a pool or an ocean, nearby."

There are also few other trends on the "Only Human" singer's roster, which he's looking forward to wearing now that he's vaccinated. But, while he may be a new father, quintessential "dad" trends aren't necessarily his summer 2021 style inspiration — although he does admit to loving a good khaki and polo combo. Instead, Jonas is taking a trip back in time and forecasting trends from a different era, something he hints toward in his Tanqueray ad.

"I think the looser fits are coming back in a very '70s way. I like the wider pants," he tells us. The musician has even been taking cues from some of the industry's top icons. "I've always loved the way some of my favorite '70s artists [dressed]. [David] Bowie and, even later on, bands like Queen were able to just be themselves and express their attitudes through their clothing."

It won't be all bell-bottoms and oversized glasses for Jonas, though. He'll actually be keeping his tribute to '70s fashion much more authentic, with a very groovy accessory that pays tribute to another one of his great inspirations, his grandfather.

"My grandfather had a Mickey Mouse Rolex that he bought from the parks. [For] my best man gift for his wedding, Nick [Jonas] bought me the re-model make of the Rolex and I love it. I don't even know if [his was] a real Rolex," he laughs. "We really can't find too much information on it, but I wear it religiously because it reminds me of my grandad."

Joe Jonas Tanqueray Sevilla Orange
Courtesy of Tanqueray

On top of planning out his summer wardrobe, sipping gin, and filming movies, Jonas is continuing to work on music, just like he's done throughout the pandemic. Whether it was with his brothers and bandmates Kevin and Nick Jonas or solo stuff, he says that he used the time at home as an excuse to focus on his art.

"We are constantly in the studio, constantly creating, especially during this lockdown. There was lot of opportunity to write, which opened up for some really exciting ideas," Jonas tells us. "Whether it was with me working on stuff on my own or potentially for the brothers, we definitely kept gears moving, and I think, hopefully, there's gonna be some stuff coming out sooner than later."

Now that the country is becoming increasingly vaccinated and beginning to open up, the brothers are set to make their big post-Covid debut at the SummerFest Musical Festival in September 2021. So, hopefully by then, some of that quarantine-produced music will be out and on the charts.

'The lineup is so exciting," he says, "Anytime we get the opportunity to play festivals, those are my favorite experiences because you end up just kind of watching other artists [from] side stage or front row. Those environments can easily become battled of the bands for some weird, strange reason."

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