By Camryn Rabideau
Updated Nov 05, 2017 @ 10:45 am

If you're an avid fan of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you probably heard that the late-night host canceled a live taping on November 3. Sadly, that the cancellation was due to the fact that Fallon's mother, Gloria, had fallen ill, and unfortunately, she passed away on Saturday at NYU Langone Medical Center in N.Y.C.

According to sources, the 43-year-old comedian and host was at his mother's side when she died at age 68 this weekend.

"Jimmy Fallon's mother, Gloria, died peacefully on Saturday," a spokesperson for the family told People. "Jimmy was at his mother's bedside, along with her loved ones, when she passed away at NYU Langone Medical Center in NYC. Our prayers go out to Jimmy and his family as they go through this tough time."

Though Fallon keeps his family life relatively private, he has occasionally treated fans to sweet anecdotes about his mother, both on his show and via social media. Back in May, he shared a silly story about Gloria on Twitter, writing that although they had spoken several times that day, his mother still said they "don't talk enough."

Our hearts go out to Fallon and his family in the wake of this heartbreaking news.