How to Wear All Black All Summer, According to Odd Mom Out's Jill Kargman

On Odd Mom Out, Jill Kargman plays an Upper East Side mom trying to do her best while navigating a world packed with lavish parties, Hamptons homes, and “weekend staff.” Her character, Jill Weber, is a satirical version of Kargman herself—but while many storylines are loosely based on things that the series' creator has witnessed IRL, the Jills aren’t one and the same. Despite sharing the same first name and passion for Game of Thrones, there are actually many distinctions between the two.

“I feel like the character version of myself is the real me at 28, when I was a new mother and so worried about what people thought,” Kargman told InStyle when she recently stopped by to dish on season three of the Bravo series, which premieres Wednesday, July 12, at 10 p.m. ET. “I just felt way more vulnerable then, whereas now, I just don’t care. I think 42 comes with such liberation about opinions.”

While Kargman and her onscreen persona may be in different stages of life mentally, they’re very much on the same page when it comes to fashion. “I wear all of my own clothes on the show, so there’s no difference between my style and Jill Weber’s,” said Kargman. “Our current costume designer, Emily Gunshor, really leaned into my darker side for season three—and that includes my love of S&M-like leather harnesses.”

Thanks to Kargman’s edgy personal style, it’s no surprise that the Jills’ shared wardrobe is predominantly comprised of pieces in one shade. “I wear black all the time because it’s just the easiest, most effortless uniform for me,” said Kargman. “It’s kind of naughty and nice at the same time.” And when others break out their crisp white dresses for the summer, Kargman sticks with what she knows best. “I’ve managed to wear black all summer for 42 years,” she said, explaining that “you have to think a lot about textures” when running around New York City in dark clothing during the hottest months of the year.

For more of Kargman’s best tips for wearing all black all summer long, press play on the video above.

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