Jessica Simpson Said She "Stopped Hearing" Her Inner Voice Before She Got Sober

"I was lost."

Jessica Simpson
Photo: Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Back on November 1, 2021, Jessica Simpson reflected on four years of sobriety with a revealing Instagram post. After years of putting on a smile and being the physical manifestation of sunshine, her followers seemed shocked to see a different side of her. In a new cover with Entrepreneur, Simpson elaborated about her relationship with alcohol, saying that before she got sober she "stopped hearing" her inner voice, which is what drove her to stop drinking.

"When I stopped drinking, it was because I had stopped hearing the voice I really trusted, and I was lost without her," she said.

Simpson also took time to talk about why people look at her as a dumb blonde — and how she's happy to go against all those expectations when she's working on Jessica Simpson Collection, her fashion brand, saying, "being underestimated ... it's like a shield."

She offered up some advice for anyone looking to follow in her stiletto-clad footsteps, saying that her own ideas aren't always great, but that she's never afraid to offer them up, just in case one or two end up working out.

"Being comfortable with saying something you're not completely confident about is important," she said. "Just because you're not confident doesn't mean it's not an amazing, bright idea. I always advise people to be very open and let it all out because some of the weirdest ideas are the ones that stick."

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