Jessica Biel's Super-Curly Hair Is Straight Out of 'Yellowjackets'

Is it a perm or has she had it all along?

Jessica Biel
Photo: Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Her hair is full of secrets. At least that's what Jessica Biel wrote alongside her latest Instagram post, which has her showing off a very curly hair texture that we've never seen on her before. Biel's no stranger to keeping things on the down-low à la Gretchen Wieners, like having a secret baby during COVID-19 lockdown and managing to star in The Sinner without leaking a single spoiler on her social media feeds. So, it's not incomprehensible that she's kept her super-curly hair a secret for so long. Or, it could just be a trick coming courtesy of a perm and the skills of a pro stylist.

In the snapshot, Biel has a huge smile on her bare face and her highlighted hair is teased up tall, with the ringlets falling past her shoulders. Her roots are her signature dark brown — normally worn in beach waves like just about every other Hollywood actor — and her new blonde pieces frame her face and highlight her cheekbones perfectly.

"That's why her hair is so big ... it's full of secrets," her caption reads.

The '80s throwback is probably for a new role. Her IMDb page points to a new series, Candy, set in the decade of decadence and Aqua Net (Biel's IG shows her in a trailer, after all). She's starring alongside Yellowjackets' Melanie Lynskey, who may know a thing or two about playing off big hair.

"You better not have been wearing your stunt wig without me," Lynskey commented on Biel's post, which could be a clue as to whether or not the hair is the real thing or a trick of the trade.

Deadline describes Candy as a true-crime limited series involving Biel's character Candy Montgomery murdering her friend with an ax. It's set to hit Hulu sometime this year.

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