Jessica Alba Thoroughly Embarrassed Her 12-Year-Old Daughter in an ASMR Video

“This is going to be the cringiest video in the whole world."

Yes, even Jessica Alba is an embarrassing mom.

The actress and Honest Company co-founder recently appeared in an ASMR video with her pal Lizzy Mathis as well as Alba’s very own first-born daughter, 12-year-old Honor Warren.

Alba kicked things off by calling the pre-teen a nickname she did not appear to appreciate (“Honor-cita-mama-mita”). “I don’t think she likes when I call her that, but it’s OK because I pushed her out of my body,” the multi-hyphenate said to the camera.

“You’re 12. Do you feel bad for me that I’m not 28 anymore?” Alba asked her daughter, noting the approximate age she was when she had her (according to the internet, she was actually 27).

“No,” Honor replied.

The video, at its core, revolved around the three guests eating açaí bowls, a meal both Alba and her daughter first ate while on a trip to Brazil. When asked how the açaí bowls Alba had prepared compared to those they’d eaten in Brazil, Honor rated them a 4 out of 10. “That’s not nice, Honor,” Alba chided.

“This is going to be the cringiest video in the whole world,” Honor told her co-hosts as they crunched on granola and berries.

Midway through their bowls, Alba attempted to wipe her daughter’s mouth, to which the 12-year-old naturally resisted. “Honor, I wiped your ass for a long time,” the actress reminded her.

The video ended with a call to action from Honor: “Don’t watch this video while eating this,” she said, pointing at the bowl.

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